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Cinnamon with honey drink for Weight Loss

weight loss

Obesity is a worldwide problem. due to modern lifestyle, we avoid proper excersie and healthy diet.He/she work nature also sitting in front of computer for long hours contiuolsy and childeren playing games in android and ipod. But when our food calories amounts exceed the body need, they will be stored in the body as fat. this move into next stage Overweight.

Overweight is the big problem to facing women’s in now a days, Generally Women’s are liking fitness health.  Overweight also be creating health issues of bodies. It’s creating high blood pressure, heart disease, certain type of cancer, fatty liver diseases and kidney diseases. We are trying to reduce the weight in small kitchen ingredients, to live on healthy life.

Homemade recipe for weight loss in Cinnamon and honey


  • Water – 1 cup (300ml)
  • Cinnamon powder –  ½ tbsp
  • Lime – 2 tbsp
  • Honey – 1 tbsp

How to make and usage of Cinnamon with honey drink

  • Boil the water add the Cinnamon powder ½ tsp. boil water until it will come to 150 ml.
  • Add lime 2tbsp, honey 1tbsp and mix well
  • Now the Cinnamon with honey drink is ready.

Use this drink 45 days in empty stomach at every morning.  You will good result of Weight loss.


How to make Cinnamon Powder?

Take 25 gm of cinnamon. Add it to a mixer, Blend to fine powder. Now the Cinnamon powder is ready.

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