Children Who Grow Up with Fear

The baby cries after giving birth. We know that it is alive. The mother understands feelings of hunger and pain caused by the crying that follows.

Some person made pinching child, beating their bodies and making them cry and have fun. Such a person should not be placed near the child. Others would scold the children for playing up and down. Children often play with the thought that they are in love with the children, and they suddenly start to cry when they are not.

Children who refuse to eat and then mother’s said to be afraid of dog bites, cat bites, and cow bites. It is a psychological fact that childhood fears paralyze one’s personality. Children who are locked up and harassed in the dark become guilty.  Parents and relatives of children, who are beaten, harassed and brought up are disgusted.

They grow up with a sense of guilt and, as adults, despise human relationships and become mentally ill with divided minds. Babies need to grow up naturally. Being overly nervous can lead to a variety of problems such as loss of confidence, feelings of resentment, split personality traits, and impaired behavior.

Raise children with love, affection, warmth, and confidence. Children who grow up with depression will be isolated or excluded from attending school, college, and workplaces by default. They hesitate to engage in sports and heroic activities. Even during the adolescent season, they are left with a sense of fear.

Even academically advanced students lose their confidence due to fear. Their personality is also distorted. Therefore, children need to learn to live without fear. Parents need to support their children.

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