Children Watching on TV All Time

Children Watching Tv All Time

World countries are frozen by corona panic. All educational institutions, from kindergartens to universities, are closed for safety. A number of educational institutions are conducting classes online so that student’s education is not affected due to continuous holidays.

Teachers are teaching students a video call through application such as Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, WhatsUp, etc. Students are given daily home lessons. Are students doing these home lessons correctly? Teachers have the responsibility to monitor that.

Amidst all the challenges of curfew, parents are faced with the challenge of having their children do homework. But the parents are not good at this. Because of the series of holidays, school-going students, everyone is watching TV.

Addicted to TV shows like Comedy series, entertainment movies, cartoon shows the kinds of shows that are broadcast on channels are always engulfed in TVs.

Thus students are not interested in doing the homework offered to them. When parents invite children who have previously surrendered to TVs to do their homework, their faces begin to change.

Children who break the remote when they constantly pick them up or at some point turn off the TV are outraged. Even if parents are begging and intimidating, children are doing their homework. What does this do? There are parents in the mess.

Anyway, parents have to do the homework by grabbing the kids the other way so that the homework pages should be addressed to the teachers.

TVs can be seen running around in all the houses at all times.  While watching the shows, the thought of ‘How to get them out of the way’ comes to mind.

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