Magic To Remove Stains From Home
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Magic To Remove Stains From Home


We all wish there were no simple products to clean the house. If the TV is meant to clean the house, then immediately use it no matter how expensive it is. And since there is currently no time to clean the house, many are looking for ways to simply clean the house.

No matter what the house is decorated with, the wall that you see there will be empty of dirt and blemishes. So first remove the stains. Then decorate the house. Here are the secrets hidden in the kitchen that will keep you away from stains.

Instead of having to spend so much money and buying things that can be used to clean the house, wouldn’t it be easier to learn how to clean with simple materials at home? So now let’s see how you can clean everything using Lemon, Olive Oil, baking soda and vinegar!!!


Lemon is a disinfectant not only for the body but also for the home as it helps in all kinds of beauty and health. Homemade sink tubes and bathroom pipes can be rubbed with lemon juice to easily remove dirt and glow.

Olive Oil

It is not proud to buy high-priced furniture. It is also necessary to clean them. In a tablespoon of olive oil, add half a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix well. Then wipe the furniture with cotton cloth. It is a natural polishing, removing stained stains and maintaining furniture without stains.

Baking soda

Most of the time, it is common to wash your feet and toes. Removing stains from them is not easy. But it’s no longer easy. Yes, if you mix baking soda with a detergent-soaked detergent powder, you will be blown away by any blemishes. Start with a tablespoon of detergent powder, a tablespoon of baking soda and soak clothes in a little warm water.


The use of vinegar is not known to most of us. But this vinegar is mainly used for many home use, beauty, medicine, and garden arts, mainly in distilled water and apple cider varieties. Mix white vinegar with water and clear the floor of the house, refrigerator and shelves. The refrigerator, in particular, has the ability to cleanse the odor of foods.

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