Married Intimate Relationships

Is That True Child Born With Disability Due To Married Intimate Relationships?


The main reason why a couple is born with physical and mental disabilities and by medical researchers is that it is the practice of getting married and having a child within close relationships.

The idea of ​​the medical world is that men and women who marry in close relationships do not have any physical or mental disabilities, but that they pass on the genes of their ancestors to their newborns, which increases the chances of those ancestors’ physical and mental disorders now being born to them.

Medical science researchers say that the main reason for the birth of a child with physical and mental disorders is the practice of getting married and having children within close relationships.

Women’s Health

Women need to eat nutritious foods from the very earliest stages of pregnancy to childbirth. These nutrients that pregnant women eat are the basis for the health of their offspring. Pregnant women eat nutritious, healthy foods that increase their chances of developing a fetus.

Blood pressure for all men depends on their age. It is normal for women to have an average increase in their blood pressure and heart rate after pregnancy. But for some women, high blood pressure during pregnancy can increase the chances of birth defects in their children.

New Born Baby

A newborn baby is born in the womb of a mother from 10 months of age and has a fully developed body. Such childbirth is considered a full-term pregnancy. Childbirth is defined as childbirth before the age of 10 months. There are many medical reasons for giving birth in a baby. This premature baby increases the chances of being born as a child with a disability without full physical development.

Women carrying a baby in the womb for 10 months need to go to the doctor for frequent screening of the baby in their womb. A few weeks before childbirth, an infant’s body is found in the abdomen, and the baby’s head is turned upside down, causing the baby to be born with a body defect.


At 10 months of age, childbirth pains, the baby’s head emanating from the abdomen during childbirth and the child’s osteoarthritis during childbirth can cause the infant to become infirm. By avoiding the aforementioned problems and obtaining advice from an experienced physician during the postpartum period, the child can be born without physical and mental disabilities.

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