Do you have a Microwave Oven in your Home
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Do you have a Microwave Oven in your Home?


Sales of electric stoves have increased since the shortage of cooking gas. Even middle-class people like the induction stove and microwave oven have switched to electronic items.

Some Tips to use the microwave oven

  • From roasting coffee and tea to making rice, saffron and stew, you can microwave him in a matter of minutes. Doing it in the oven is healthier and tastier than doing it in a normal oven.
  • Cover well when cooking food in the oven. Only place as much food as you need to put in the microwave oven. Otherwise the pressure will increase and there will be a problem in heating the food.
  • Only place items in the oven as needed. Utensils made of metal, aluminum, etc. should not be used in him for any reason. So buy and keep glassware that is sold for cooking in the oven.
  • It only takes a total of 7 minutes for the rice to drain. Take the pot out 2 times between those 7 minutes and stir and put it back inside. This technique of stirring and cooking applies to everything cooked in the microwave. It costs less oil than usual. Vegetables such as marrow, beans and spinach are cooked without changing color.
  • When the sound of cooking is over in the microwave, take the pot out. If you keep it hot inside, the microwave will continue to cook after the time is up.
  • Once the food is cooked, take it out and turn it off. The plug can be removed from the switch board. 2 minutes is enough to heat liquids like coffee and tea. Do not place hot water in the oven for any reason.
  • The utensils should not be beaten or the cooked food should not overflow. When cooking is complete, just take the rotating tray inside and wash it off with soapy water. His inside can be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth.

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