If Working Women Follow this Formula then You are a Millionaire


In today’s era women are not lagging behind in any field. Many question why women cannot be rich. If you are a working woman, you can not only aim for your bank balance, but also retire from good financial management and become a rich woman in your retirement. You just have to go a little further and create a plan accordingly. We will tell you how young people can improve their lives financially.

How to Spend and Invest Money?

Prepare a budget based on your goals and time based on your annual or monthly income. The best way is to start with the 50-30-20 rule. Set aside 50 percent to spend on your important work after you get paid each month. Invest 30 percent and spend the remaining 20 percent to live your happy life.

Your fixed expenses cannot be changed at any time. Fixed expenses include rent, insurance premium, etc. Fixed costs mean that a large portion of your total expenses will continue. If you pay off any of your debts in advance or live in a low-rent home, you can reduce your fixed costs.

Saving money by earning a living is not enough. You need to start with smart investment. Not only will your investment portfolio earn better returns than inflation, it will also help you raise as much money as you can financially.

One thing to note is that no one wants to give income voluntarily. Yes, do not leave it to a chartered accountant. It is better to take care of it yourself. Understand the basics and save money given as income tax. Depending on your risk appetite and duration, equity linked savings plan, general provident fund, tax savings FD, NPS depending on your risk


Traditionally, women have a heavier workload than men. This means that women often take on the responsibility of homework in addition to household chores. Thus it affects not only your physical health but also your mental health. With all of this in mind, first make sure you have an adequate health insurance policy. After this, monitor inflation and taxes and calculate the amount of money you need after retirement. Plan your investment accordingly. You can also enlist the help of a financial plan for this.

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