Smartphones Apps Which Teach Children

Smartphones Apps Which Teach Children

Download such useful applications for children studying online on smartphones. Increase their academic knowledge as well as general knowledge.

Dr. Panda’s Ice Cream Truck

Are there children that don’t like ice cream? That’s why ‘Make Yourself Ice Cream in Your Favorite Flavors’ says ‘Dr. Panda’ Apps. Dr. Panda, a trolley ice cream vendor. With the ingredients he has, you can make a variety of ice creams yourself. There are many applications in Dr. Panda Apps that can teach you not only ice cream but many more.

Cloud Maker

Cloud Maker is an interesting game to find and enjoy different shapes in the clouds. So, these are the beauty apps that will grow your imagination. You can change the clouds to your liking and create different shapes like butterfly, bird, horse.

Toca Lab

Toca Lab is a great app for those who are interested in chemistry. Here you can learn about all the elements in the table of elements. First, only one element will be provided. When you do a lot of experiments with it, the results of your study will be ‘thrilling’. Since there are no accidents like real labs, you can do it boldly and develop your chemistry knowledge.

Peekaboo UFO

Peekaboo UFO is a game app that develops the attention span of mice under the age of five. The aliens, who have come from other planets, will be hiding around us. Find them mixed with trees, birds, animals and buildings. In this way, the shapes of the creatures and objects on our planet can be easily imprinted on the mind.

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  1. […] Many boys and girls who are paralyzed at home by the corona crisis are engaging in ‘mobile phone games’. Most parents are now happy to think about it. Parents who sigh with relief at the thought that ‘children are playing quietly without fuss’ can only realize the tragedy of that game when the school opens and they go to school. Mobile phone games are games that almost completely destroy the future of children. […]

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