Problems in Online Education-ff

Problems in Online Education


Corona has affected the education of millions of students. According to a UNESCO report, the education of 150 billion people worldwide has been affected. It is noteworthy that 30 Crore of them are from India. They want to learn a new education online in some way, rather than just sitting at home and having fun.

When you go directly to popular educational institutions and study, you will have to spend more money for travel, accommodation, fees, etc. It does not cost much to learn such education online now. Despite the convenience of being able to study from home, there are still some issues with this online education.

Those who want to study online must first choose a place for it at home. Twenty of the amenities needed in that space are essential. It is better to have a separate room for this. That room should be quiet without noise.

Although there are online courses available in many countries around the world, they can generally be divided into three categories. 

  • Duration ranging from one week to 4 months, Thousands of people is learning the open courses that take place in it. After learning this, if you pay between one thousand and two thousand rupees, they will issue a certificate. But it is noteworthy that the various companies that employ do not recognize such certificates.
  • Various universities in India and abroad offer courses online. You can also study for degrees and diplomas like studying together in colleges. This will include online class attendance, lessons, exams, and reviews. Fees will also be charged. These degrees are recognized. But this is not to say that all companies will accept it.
  • Some businesses and vocational training organizations offer online certification classes. There is a possibility that the companies will hire the best trainees.

Online classes are currently taking place all over the world. It is very important to choose the one that suits you. It is good to choose the best courses at the universities you have heard of. The fee may be higher as the number of students studying together is less.

You have already learned something directly from a departmental education. In addition there will be some online courses on how to learn. They offer certification courses in Computer, Quality Management, and Artificial Intelligence. These certificates will be handed out to those who want to look for work depending on the field.


Many companies offer free online certification education. You can choose the best and learn from it. But they will charge for the certificate when the course is over. Choose the course with that in mind. When it comes to paying for education, read the ‘Review’ of the course and make a decision.

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