what happens to children

Do you know what happens to children when parents fight?


Conflict in the marital relationship is inevitable. When a man and a woman marry, they are less likely to have similar ideas. This leads to a conflict in the relationship between the two. Sometimes this discrepancy can have dire consequences. Such conflicts are to be avoided in a long-term relationship.

According to research on successful and failed marital relationships, the ratio of positive and negative interactions between successful married couples is known to be 5: 1. They express love, affection, fame, and mutual understanding to each other for feelings of anger or criticism.

Although negative thoughts are inevitable in a marital relationship it is essential for couples to have maximum positive thinking. Experiencing problems and conflicts every day can cause boredom in life. Between the two, it is better to avoid challenges. It is better to stay away from conflicts than to learn from them. Not all problems are the same. Not all couples are the same. A few will never open their mouths to any problem, and a few will explode into everything. What hurts the most in a relationship is the act of attacking, insulting, teasing, and making his partner fall in the crowd. Below are some of the negative effects.

Short-term impacts:

Fighting unhealthily in the presence of children raises fears about the stability of the family and their safety. The mental health of a family suffers. Parent-child, husband-wife relationships are affected at the same time. The climactic conflict between husband and wife puts a lot of pressure on both of them and the relationship between them and the child becomes complicated. Stress caused by fighting can affect both physically, emotionally and psychologically and disrupt a healthy lifestyle.

Long-term vulnerabilities :

The study indicates that cognitive impairment occurs. A study on child development found that as parents constantly struggle, children have difficulty expressing emotions and the ability to solve problems is delayed. Many more problems are known scientifically. Children who often see their parents fighting tend to develop animosity towards others. Causes behavioral problems, impaired education, eating disorders, substance abuse, sleep problems, abdominal pain or headaches. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.

Children developing conflicts:

Some types of parental conflict do not affect children and children benefit from them, says psychologist E.J. Says Mark Cummings. Seeing the parents calming down after a moderate amount of fighting from time to time increases children’s social ability and enhances their self-esteem. And children are able to function effectively in schools, away from fears about community-based safety. They are known to be less prone to psychological and psychological damage. Cummings says children feel happy when they see their parents compromising after a fight. The feeling that everything will be alright prevails in children, and the hope is born that life will be happier if they are together. Thus the children go back to their daily work and pass the day refreshed.

However, if conflicts persist, here are some tips for you. Can help:
  • Understand one another’s feelings. Accept disagreements as well.
  • Explain the doubts that arise in the mind of your spouse.
  • Remember that you are both on the same team
  • Understand that blaming each other will not solve the problem.
  • Understand everything with love.

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