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Food that should not be Eaten to get Rid of Facial Oil


People who complain that oily skin is a problem also need to pay attention to their diet. The skin has many properties that make it soft, dry and oily. This is more of a problem for those with oily skin. Make-up will dissolve quickly due to the increase in oiliness. People who are unable to get rid of oily skin on the face should do so with care and diet. So let’s see, what are the food things they need to be in control of.

Foods fried in oil

This type of food that tastes good to the mouth should always be avoided. Fried foods like samosas, vada, bhajji, ponda, papad, etc. are all more likely to cause further damage to the skin.

Although bakery foods are not fried in oil, these low-fiber foods are harmful to the skin. Keep in mind that although they like crispy foods fried in oil, they can be harmful to the skin.

More sweets

Sweets don’t always seem to be denied. Even better is to avoid these white sugary sweets that stimulate salivation on the tongue. Even more so now that the rainy season has begun, excess sweets will stimulate the oil secretion of the skin. If you need sweets, you can take traditional sweets like jaggery, sugar and palm jaggery. Say bye to sweeteners can save oily skin.

Spicy foods

Some people like salty foods very much. But always eating alkaline foods is not good for the body. Spicy alkaline foods store toxins in the body. These increase the oiliness of the skin and make it oily. This will not prevent pimples on the face. Those who prefer spicy foods can skip spicy foods and substitute vegetable soups. Too much salty pickles, nuts, salty nuts, sauces, processed foods (refined grains), etc. can increase the amount of salt in the body, affecting the skin as well.

Dairy products

It has become customary to consume butter, cream and cheese daily in dairy products. The addition of ghee has increased. Dairy products increase body fat. Dairy products do nothing when taken in moderation. If taken in excess they can promote oily skin and cause damage.

Caffeine fluids

Drinks such as coffee and tea can reduce the amount of water in the body when taken in excess. Additionally promotes oily skin. Despite their habit of drinking alcohol, they do reduce dehydration.


To make up for it, the skin secretes too much oil. This opens the pores and the glands over-exploit, increasing oily mucus and causing pimples. People with oily skin are naturally advised to avoid fatty foods. Fatty foods can cause inflammation of the skin. This will make the skin oily.

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