Hibiscus-All Types of Hair Problem
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Hibiscus is the Solution to All Types of Hair Problem!


Also known as the five-tiered petal, the layered petals are differently reddish-brown. It is worth mentioning that red poppy, which has many medicinal properties, works many miracles in beauty.

Our ancestors would pluck the red poppy leaf or flower from the plant if there was dryness in the hair or dandruff in the hair. Put it on the mum and grind the core. Then rub in the hair and after half an hour the hair will be washed. Then the hair will shine like silk. Enjoyed the beauty without any chemicals and expensive shampoos, today again everyone is trying to restore beauty in the way of the ancestors. It is enough to know just how to make and use it.

Benefits of  Red Poppy (Hibiscus)

Red poppy is the solution to all types of hair problem Even if the growth of the hair is good; the damage can be prevented by giving the hair a haircut from time to time.

Learn how to use medicinal red poppy seeds for skin and hair care. In many of our towns we see the red poppy growing normally in front of houses. This flower has so many medicinal properties that we can’t even imagine. Knowing its medicinal properties, the Siddhas brought the red poppy flower under the name “Gold Ash “. We will learn more about the medicinal properties of the red poppy flower.

Relieves dandruff, gum and lice infestation which reduces the growth of scalp hair And this problem will not increase. If nothing else just grind the red poppy petals and rub it on the head and take a bath. This will speed up the growth of hair nutrition. Red bean magazine to prevent juvenile problems caused by malnutrition gives dark color to the hair and increases the density of the hair. Gives good shine and shine to hair, for those who suffer from heat loss; it is advisable to use red poppy seeds only. Those who do not have red poppy Flower can buy and use quality red poppy Flower Powder available in country drug stores.

How To Use

The medicinal and beauty properties of the red poppy flower, also known as “Gold Ash “, are already known. There are many miracles that can be done to the hair and skin as well as to get a lot of physical health by taking this inside. If the nutrients available to the hair are rich then the hair will grow longer without any decrease in growth. For those who have long hair, using a redhead hair bag on the head will make the hair look wild.

Take only the golden red petals and dry them in the shade. Red poppy flowers should be bought in bulk and powdered. If red poppy flowers are not available, red poppy powder is available in the country drugstore. It can also be used as a face pack for the skin. If red poppy powder is applied to the hair as well as the skin as a hair pack, the growth and density of the hair will be higher.

Avarampoo mustard and caraway seeds should be powdered and stored with dried red poppy leaves to protect against skin diseases. For daily bathing, rubbing this powder on the body instead of soap can help prevent skin diseases. This will make our skin glow.

Some people have more problems with puberty, dandruff and hair loss. Add cinnamon leaves, coriander leaves and henna leaves, grind well, rub on the head, soak for half an hour and then take a bath. Doing the same 2 times a week can get rid of hair problems. Doing this will keep our eyes and body cool. The heat in the body will decrease.

Those with more hair are more prone to lice infestation. Those who are like that can sleep with a red poppy flower on their head while sleeping at night. To increase the level of hemoglobin in our body, put 2, 3 red poppy flowers in distilled water and mix it with a teaspoon of honey in a tumbler of water and drink it to get rid of anemia. We will always protect the natural medicinal red poppy species from extinction.

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