Ways to Know the Gender of a Child at Home from that time…!


Naturally everyone will be curious to know what baby is going to be born to him. There was a way to know it in the past. But it was banned by the government because many people misused it. However, there are some funny ways in history to know the gender of a child.

Since ancient times people have been trying to predict the sex of their unborn children. Different methods have been followed in different civilizations from observing the position of the moon to using crops like barley. Although these are inaccurate, it remains a popular belief today. Knowing the gender of the baby is always a wrong thing to do.

In this post you can see, what are the funniest and strangest gender detection methods in history.

Chinese Gender Chart

Chinese gender chart is a popular way to predict gender. It uses a specific chart method where the sex of the baby determines the month of conception and the age of the mother at the time of conception. For example, based on the chart, if your baby was conceived in August and you were 28 at the time, your baby is likely to be a boy.

Mayan gender chart

The Mayan system is another form of Chinese gender chart. It is the same as before, using the age of the mother during pregnancy. But unlike the Chinese way, the Mayan method uses the year the baby is conceived instead of the month. Include your age at conception and the year your baby was conceived. According to the Mayans, the result was an odd number for a boy and an even number for a girl.

Stomach test

The abdomen of a pregnant woman is another thing that predicts the sex of the baby. According to this test, if your baby gets to a point where the pump stretches, you are carrying a boy. On the other hand if your abdomen is round it means that you are carrying a woman.

Hunger test

Only the body of the pregnant woman is sufficient for this test. The main thing to take into account is your appetite. According to ancient beliefs your hunger says more about your baby than you think. If you crave sweets or corps foods like bread and cookies your baby is likely to be in your stomach whereas if you crave salty or spicy foods it is likely to be baby boy.

Heart rate test

There may be some science in that in heart rate testing, but it is not a proven method. According to the heart rate test, all you need to know to determine the sex of your baby is their fetal heart rate. If your baby’s heart rate is 110 to 130, you are carrying a boy. But if the heart rate is 140 to 160, it should be a baby girl.

Baking soda test

It’s like a scientific experiment. The test requirement is women’s morning urine. After urinating in a cup, add baking soda and mix. According to this test, if baking soda is viscous, your fetus will be a baby boy, otherwise your baby will be a baby girl.

Facial examination

Changes in your skin during pregnancy have a lot to do with the sex of your unborn baby. If you are one of the lucky few with soft, glowing skin while pregnant, you are more likely to have a baby boy. Conversely, if acne is more common, the baby girl is more likely to be born.

Mood test

It depends on the hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy. According to this test women with frequent mood swings and irritable moods are more likely to have a baby girl if they are pregnant and a baby boy if they are unusually quiet.

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