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Face Wash Powder With Three Ingredients to Make Your Face Glow!


We have products that help to brighten the face without any face care. Many people think that they can maintain their beauty only if they look at everything like face cleansing, toning, moisturizer and face pack. But with natural ingredients it can all be done in one go.

That too can be said to be naturally healthy. It is enough to do only one thing on the face to make the face glow and shine. Let’s learn how to make this face pack powder at home.

Beautiful roses are not unique in their fragrance alone. You know that good things will come to you – as long as you wait your turn! Women who want to add beauty to beauty can use this generously. Unadulterated roses are used in all beauty products from top to bottom.

Beauty experts say that you can easily beautify your face if you have enough water. I have already given you how to make that rose water at home. I have attached that link here.

Country Rose Petals

Buy and use 4 cups of roses.

Country rose petals are soft without pressure. These may fall off in a matter of minutes without lasting long. This is the sign for the original roses. Buy these roses and keep the petals separate. Dry the rose petals.

Oats – In face powder preparation

Oats are not only good for your health but also for your skin. Cereal oats help prevent oily skin on the face. The antioxidants in it protect the skin from dryness. It also helps to remove dead cells. The oats helps to cleanse the skin and remove impurities. They remove oily mucus and moisturize the skin.

Need Oats – 2 cups

Almonds – In the face powder preparation

Just as almonds are good for the body, they are also good for the skin. Although they are the most nutritious of the skin, they are not often used as they are expensive but it is enough to use almonds as an alternative to the beauty creams.

Need almonds – 1/4 cup size

Saffron – In the face powder preparation

We all know that saffron gives color. It can be said that saffron changes the color of the face from dark to dark and gives it a natural color. If your beautiful face loses color like that, saffron will help them become beautiful. Although expensive, they can change the color of the face. Although saffron is also expensive, it should be added as it gives natural beauty to the face.

Saffron required – 5 gm.

Prepare – face powder product

First put the oatmeal in the mix and grind the core. Oats do not powder quickly. So grind the oats well first. Then get bored of this. (If you use this powder for scrubbing you can take the rest of the boring ones apart)

Rose petals, Add finely chopped almonds and saffron and mix well. Occasionally leave to rotate in the mixer. Otherwise leave them intermittent and roll the mix as they will get wet and lumpy. Then add the diced oats and powder and mix well. When these are well mixed, put them in a glass bottle.

When applied to the face, it can be mixed with water and used as a face pack. The face shone brightly. It can also be used as a face powder and body bath powder. It is sufficient to prepare this powder once in three months.


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