Uterus Structure May Cause Infertility!


There are many barriers to fertility in the current era. We go up and down many hospitals just to have a baby. Still, having a baby can be very difficult. Over the years, many hospitals and fertility clinics have sprung up to promote fertility and childbearing. Even our lifestyle and diet can cause the fetus to become infertile.

Uterus may cause’s infertility

Often the quality of the sperm or the quality of the egg is the main cause of infertility. At the same time, can you believe that in a few cases, even the uterus cause’s infertility? Yes, this is true. Infertility can occur even if there is variation in the shape of the uterus.

The shape and position of the uterus


In this regard, Dr. Rachel Beverly, a gynecological endocrinologist, says that if the uterus does not become fertile, it may be related to the shape of the uterus. Another problem with the uterus is whether the uterus is suitable for the fetus to develop and stay with the baby. It cannot be said that the uterus is the only cause of infertility. About 30% to 40% of infertility causes unexplained infertility.

Benefits of normal delivery

Uterus anomalies

In some cases, the uterus develops abnormally. Also, some anatomical patterns can even lead to infertility. Or even having a baby can be very difficult. Contrary to the shape of the uterus, they can cause many problems if the woman becomes pregnant, as well as the possibility of recurrent miscarriage. The outside of the uterus is normal. However, the inside of the uterus is separated by a wall of tissue, this is called septum.

Uterus causing miscarriage

The fetus will be fitted in septum. But if there is not enough blood flow, the fetus will not stick to the septum. Thus early miscarriage is more likely to occur. Gynecologists recommend a hysteroscopy, an examination of the inside of the uterus, for women with persistent miscarriage.

Two Uterus

Having two separate Uterus per person to carry a baby is called a didelphys. Although this may seem complicated in practice, it does not cause problems in fertility. So there is no need to be afraid of this.

Heart-shaped uterus

Another common problem is the bicornuate uterus. They have only half the size of a Uterus. This is also called a heart-shaped uterus. They may have problems with fertility. In addition, they are at risk of preterm labor, because they do not have enough space in the womb. This can lead to premature or miscarriage.

Female babies born without a uterus

Some babies are still born without a uterus. Although this is unusual, with the advancement of the medical world, many therapies have come up. It is also worth noting that some medical centers have performed hysterectomy. But doctors say it is very rare for a baby girl to be born without a uterus.

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