Simple Tips For Cooking!


Men and women alike cook in this urgent time. We are living in a society where one day the wife cooks and the other day the husband also cooks. This kind of cooking is an art. Even if you forget a small thing while cooking it, its taste will change…

Then we throw it in the trash without knowing how to fix it. But we have shared some important tips.


Simple Recipes

  • If the idly is thick, soak four green waffles in water and let them run for a minute in the mixer and add them to the flour, the idly will look like a flower.
  • When we all cook, we add more salt in broths, soups etc. If you feel like reducing the salt at this point, you can add a spoonful of milk or curd to the broth. Or you can add a potato to the diet. The starch present in potatoes helps to absorb excess salt and neutralize the food.
  • If the dishes are scratched, put onion in a bowl, boil it with some water, then rub it and wash it to remove the scratch marks.
  • For those who make rice upma, fry vermicelli in equal amount and when the upma is half cooked, add vermicelli and let it boil, cover half and squeeze lemon. Savory with different taste is ready.
  • In the cooking gravy, peel some ground nuts and soak them for 20 minutes and grind them finely. A rich and tasty gravy is ready.
  • Add some tamarind to the boiling oil so that the oil doesn’t evaporate while making the ghee. After that, if you fry the food, there will be no gas.
  • While boiling Split Gram Lentil, if you add a teaspoon of fenugreek and boil it, the sambar will not spoil till night.
  • If there is too much water in the Adai and vada dough, add one or two teaspoons of crushed corn blocks and the pickled dough will thicken immediately and the taste will be amazing.
  • Do not knead the kneaded Maida dough by adding water but boil it in steam and add salt and ghee as needed.
  • The next biggest mistake we can make in cooking is adding too much alkali to the food. Sometimes we add too much chili powder without realizing it. When the cooked food is so salty that we cannot put it in our mouths, we throw it away without eating it. You don’t want this situation anymore. If the gravy becomes too spicy, you can add milk to it. The capsaicin in milk is helpful in reducing alkalinity.

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