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Don’t Throw Away the Silica Gel Pocket


If we buy any new items, chappal, dresses, electronics, they will have a pocket in it. That’s the silica pocket. It says to keep children out of reach. We also throw it away without knowing what it is for. If you know the benefits of these you will not mind putting it down. There may be so many benefits within the small piece of pocket. These silicone pockets act as a dryer model. Absorb the moisture in the material and keep the product always brushed. Well buy how we can benefit with this pocket.

Silica Gel Pocket

Have you ever seen this silicone pocket open? Its small Silica balls in that packet. Same like sago which we used in home. These silicone balls are the products in your home and the products in the company help to prevent the fungus from spreading and spoiling.

This pocket is used to protect electronic items, leather goods, meat, frosted windows and flowers. Materials that take several hours to dry can be dried very quickly with these silicone gels. So don’t throw away these pockets anymore.

We will see the benefits below.

Dry the mobile phone

A lot of times we miss the hand and put the phone in the water. Otherwise it will pour water like a baby. I do not know what to do with it. We also put the rice in the bucket, wipe and blow but nothing works. This silica pocket is enough to absorb the water in your wet phone. Wet phone, headphone, whatever it is, put it in a ship lock cover and cover it tightly with a silica gel pocket. It should be kept like this for 72 hours. Then open it and let it absorb all the moisture in your mobile phone and protect the phone from damage like new. Then you can take advantage.

Maintain photos

We would have put all the old-fashioned photos on top without putting the beer on. Fungal glaze photos are more likely to be ruined when you take a day off. So just put these photos in a cover and put a silica gel pocket with it and the photos will look like new.

Maintain important certificates, books

Certificates of birth, birth certificates of children, property certificates, books, etc. These are prone to moisture and fungal infestation during the rainy season. You can put silica gel in a file that is certified to protect it. Your certificates will be safe.

Processing foods

Usually seeds, some spices and herbs need to be kept in a dry place. The same goes for pet food that needs to be kept safe. These are likely to harden if exposed to moisture. To avoid this you can put silica bags in the tubs containing these food items and cover them. Always brush to prevent the fungus from spreading. Do not place these silicone gel packets directly in the human food items such as biscuits and cakes. That would pose the greatest risk.

Keep clean

The bed sheets, pillows, and fabrics we use in the winter are infested with fungi. So you can put a silica bag in those places. You need silica bags to absorb moisture everywhere like your gym bag, bureau, and wardrobe in the closet. Expels bacteria in shoes and socks and chases away odors. Can withstand any odor, but it will be impossible to withstand the stench coming from these socks. This silicone gel will help you to recover from them.

Avoid corrosion of steel products

Sometimes the plates, screwdrivers, utensils and knives we use every day start to rust when water stays in them. This will make it blunt within a few days of purchase. So put the silica bag in the jar with the knives and blades. The blades will last a long time without rusting. Put this pocket in whatever items you think are likely to rust. In particular, home users of the Iron Bureau put some silicone gel pockets inside the Pro.

To keep the flowers clean

Rare flowers need to be preserved for some time. So put silica gel in a glass jar and cover tightly to protect such flowers. Wait 2-6 days. This will keep the flowers dry and safe. There is a lot of protection that our people do to keep the flowers from withering and rotting. But they don’t need any of that. A silicone gel pocket is enough.

Go for odors in the house

The stench blows down the sink where we wash the dishes daily. It is caused by stagnant food. So buy silica gel to get rid of it and put it under the sink. Everything will drive away the bad smell in the house. Even if we spend hundreds and buy a room freshener and hit the house, we still can’t get rid of some bad smell coming from outside or inside the house. But these silicone gel pockets that we throw away in the trash are enough to put in places where the house stinks. Bad odors will go away.

Unused Handbags

Especially the hand bag, we will use the travel bag only when everything goes out. Other times we will not pick up. Moisture in the air during the cold or rainy season can cause the fungus to catch and rot in the bags. Then you have to take the entire bag and wash and put the wound. To avoid this, put one or two silica pockets in the bag. Does not rot and does not spread fungus. If you put it like this, no matter how many months, the stench will not come from these handbags. No fungi or insects.

Car Glass

You will usually encounter this problem in winter when you go by car. As it is, the snow spreads all over the glass and hides the oncoming car without even knowing it. Even if we put a wiper and clean what is ours, the snow will spread again. This is a simple idea. Take the silica bag and place it near the glass window. Absorbs moisture all over and makes the glass clear. There is no need to spend thousands in the name of water service for this.

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