Feeding Bottle of Milk Healthy for a Baby! Is it Dangerous?


Some babies born today have a problem with a lack of breast milk as early as 5 months of age. Water was all given in the feeding bottle. So some mothers, as per the doctor’s advice, pour powdered milk or cow’s milk into the bottle and give it to the baby.

The baby is very vibrant and soft after birth. Then be very careful in the health of children. For example, baby bedding, bedding, mattress, linen, and most importantly milk bottle. When starting to bottle-feed babies, consult a doctor beforehand. This is because breast milk gives the baby immunity and health.

Doctor advice

In the early stages the nipple-fitted feeding bottles became accustomed to giving the mother the feeling of drinking milk and following that the baby was given milk and water all in the feeding bottle.

But doctors warn that extra care should be taken as the nipple in the feeding bottle contains invisible dirt. These will definitely not benefit the child’s development. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. These will definitely not benefit the child’s development.

It is not enough to give some children immunity for a few days. Therefore consultation with a physician is required. Thus the milk bottle should be kept clean before giving it to the baby in the milk bottle.

In addition, it is said that bottle feeding can cause a variety of side effects. Here’s how to put one together for use with your baby.

Risk factor of feeding bottle

The baby who gives milk to the mother stretches out his tongue and sucks the milk. But the baby’s mouth is clogged with the feeding bottle. The baby is not able to suck and drink naturally because the tongue is bent.

Due to the size of the hole we have already put, they will easily go into the baby’s mouth and the baby will start swallowing milk, Swallows without time to breathe. This also allows air to enter through the mouth. This can cause bloating and abdominal pain in the baby.

The rubber used in the feeding bottle is made of silicone, plastic, latex etc. This can also put the baby at risk.

Tips to keep the feeding bottle clean

  • Do not allow the baby to keep in the mouth continuously for more than 20 minutes while giving milk.
  • If you just put the bottle in your mouth and suck it after drinking milk, remove it immediately.
  • Rinse the bottle with clean water after drinking milk.
  • Do not wash the bottle using too much soap.
  • Take out all the rubber and ring on the bottle lid and clean it.
  • Wash the bottle daily in the morning and evening with lukewarm water.
  • The bottle nipple should be replaced twice a month.
  • It is better to use non-plastic steel bottle.

How to avoid feeding bottle usage?

  • Reduce bottle milk twice a day to 4 times a day when the baby is 10 months old.
  • Gradually lower the bottle and add a teaspoon. Then add a little milk to the normal straw.
  • It is better to sit next to the baby and pour a little bit of water without getting used to pouring it in the bottle for any reason.
  • Therefore the baby bottle should always be kept clean and in the right place for use. If a working baby puts the bottle down while drinking milk, do not be lazy and change the bottle lid.

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