Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Women Reluctant to Complain!


There are just a few perverted people in every office. People can narrow you down with his gaze or bad words when that person comes and stands near you. Think different because Pepper Spray can’t help to attack on the office mate.Some have expressed fears that action will be taken if the higher official makes a mistake and complains.

If you complain about sexual harassment, you can say it is imaginary. Stay away from the person who is embarrassing you first. Do not behave harshly. Don’t be friendly either. Don’t get me wrong you are with Interest. Do things that need to be approached officially, even at intervals.

How to deal with perverted people in office?

Women are subjected to sexual harassment and are reluctant to go to the police station to lodge a complaint, leaving the sex workers at ease. Continue to plow. Although the law provides protection for women, there are many reasons why women do not come forward to use it, such as fear and shame, to brace these hesitations and bring the victim women to the police station.

He may be visually impaired. Do not tolerate this if it embarrasses you. Record the protest while he is looking like that. This makes it undeniable. If you do not stop, you can say directly: “Sometimes you seem to be staring at me. It’s embarrassing. “More concrete action is needed if this continues.

“That rose colored top is super for you. My mind is nowhere to be found. ”If it embarrasses you, it cannot be left as a compliment or a mere spit. Let’s be clear that this is unnecessary talk. If it still persists, report it to the HR department.

Even fools would have known not to engage in physical contact. But there are still many who do. It is your responsibility to make it clear to them. If you bring your hands near your body or try to dye on yourself, report it to your superiors.

Legal awareness

The task of the police is to record the first information report, known as the FIR, and to give the victim clarity on what the possibilities are in law. It is imperative that the female guards be present when such a victim complains and is explained to her.

The publication of this poll suggests that the #MeToo movement is in frenzy around the world and needs to increase its intensity. According to a survey conducted by a study group called Survey Monkey, 55% of women fear that reporting sexual harassment in their workplace will affect their lives and thus avoid reporting.

This study raises a wide range of questions for women about sexual harassment. With 5,000 women participating, 55% reported reporting sexual harassment in the workplace, which could affect their lives. 68% of women believe in the #MeToo movement completely, and thus take drastic action against them.

The study was conducted last year as well. Compared to that study, security confidence has dropped from 91% to 85%. 55% of those who complain of sexual harassment and harassment fear that they will be discredited more than the perpetrator. He has said that he will avoid this as it will affect his career. Some have expressed fears that action will be taken if the higher official makes a mistake and complains. They also said they would not file a complaint for fear of losing their job if he continued to work.

It also states that the policy of sexual harassment requires every company to explain sexual harassment complaints to their female employees. It is the company’s duty to explain to employees how women can file complaints and what issues they can report. But 60% of women who are male employees find it reluctant to explain because they are reluctant to talk about it.

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