Games That Develop Children’s Cognition!


Studies show that children develop 90% of their brain by the time they reach the age of five. At this age children should be encouraged by giving them brain exercises. Mere study alone is not enough for children. Kids need to know a lot more good things.

Building blocks

Building Blocks is a simple game for kids over the age of one. The image should be structured by these blocks which are found in different colors, in different look. With own imagination and creativity children will put building blocks and make an image of something. This is the best exercise for the brain. The brain is stimulated.



Just as puzzles are full of nutrients in cheesy cooking, so are puzzles in this puzzle game. They think to draw an image, turn it into this, and give work to the brain. The eyes and hands work in unison. Once these puzzles are successfully played, the child will be happy to have won. Her upper confidence will come.


Find and write something like a ball on a piece of paper and show it to the child. Let’s say you search and find that ball at home. With a word-finding game like this, children will learn the words and its vocabulary very well.

Board game

Board Games Snake – Enhances the ability to think with board games such as ladder, ludo and chess. Problem handling will prevail. They understand patience, success and failure.

Number game

Make the number game music sound and say 1 to 100. As soon as the song is stopped, the number can be written down and displayed. Each time the song is stopped each child will keep repeating the number. Once the music has stopped, you can write down the number you left out. The ability to play as a team prevails. Get knowledge of the number.


Word game

Word Game is a game that looks at the words on the flash card and matches it with the appropriate image. Match the picture with the name of the animal like lion, tiger, deer, and peacock, match the name with the picture. Writing skills will prevail and Increases memory capacity

Language skills

Do you know the language skills? Children will have the ability to learn 2-3 languages ​​by the time they are 3-5 years old. If two languages ​​are spoken at home, mother tongue language and English, children have the ability to learn both. Children can easily learn any language.

Physical activity

Children get various benefits from various sports such as physical training, running, skipping, jumping, running, catching ball and playing cocoa. These are exercise and mental training.

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