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Gas Cylinder Also Expiry Date. Is It Dangerous to Use it Beyond?


Even the gas cylinder used at home has an expiry date. Experts from the sector say that there is a risk of explosion if this outdated cylinder is used. Here’s how to find the expiration date for a cylinder.

Refilling cylinder

There are times when home kitchens are even without vegetables…but you can’t see kitchens without gas cylinders. Even in rural areas, housewives use gas cylinders for cooking in most houses. If you buy a new cylinder connection, you can book the required time and give the empty cylinder and buy a new cylinder.

But some people buy only the cylinder from the markets and take it to the gas company when needed and refill the cylinder and use it again and again. But they say that refilling the cylinder again and again is a little risky. Let’s see the details about it.



Expiry date code

Gas cylinder has an expiry date, you are a little surprised. Not only that. If the cylinder is used beyond that expiry date, there is a risk of leakage and even explosion, experts say. Well… you might be wondering how to find the expiration date for a cylinder.

However, each cylinder will have a code number indicating its expiry date. That is, the upper part of the cylinder, i.e. the place where we hold and lift, inside the English letters from A to D and its numbers are in the paint.


How to find it?

It means that English letters indicate the expiry month and numbers indicate the year. That means A means first quarter (January to March), B means second quarter (April to June), C means July to September (third quarter), D means October to December (fourth quarter).

For example, if the cylinder says C-26, its expiry date is July to September 2026. A video shared in this regard by Your Kumar Sir on Instagram is spreading rapidly among the netizens. Many netizens are sharing comments that are very useful information.

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