What to Wear in the Scorching Summer? Fashion Tips for You!


The cruelty of the sun when it is summer gives many people a problem with the sun. We go out for many reasons like playing in the sun, going to work, going out because of our own work. Then we will feel annoyed. The reason is the scorching sun.

We can’t escape the summer for that. But summer can be celebrated if certain ways are followed. That way the clothes will protect us from the summer. Come see the perfect outfits for summer in this post.

Cotton clothes

Cotton is a gift from nature to our body. Although many garments come in cotton, the tradition is saris. Cotton sarees are the most popular summer dress for women. In summer, cotton sarees give us many benefits not only for building but also for body size.

That is, the cotton sari is moisture resistant. The cotton cloth absorbs the sweat that comes out of our body due to summer. Then it will be expelled immediately by the impact of the wind. Works almost like an automatic towel. Thus the fatigue of the body is not visible. This cotton dress can be worn as a saree, sari or skirt. Also, wear loose-fitting clothing for the summer sun.

Loose shirts

Using loose shirts when we are at home in the scorching sun will greatly reduce body irritation, sweating and other discomforts. Also it is important to wear cotton shirts as loosely as possible if you are going out.

If you wear it like that you will feel a little less of the impact of the heat. The reason is that the cotton shirt is well ventilated and if it is a generous fight, the wind will not be a problem.


Many people think that shorts are for men only. But it is completely false and women can know it too. Taking advantage of our sleep at night while at home can help us get a restful sleep and escape from the sun’s trouble. If it is a half sleeve shirt, we can wear cotton lungi and skirt with it. It would be really nice

Monochromatic clothing

Generally suitable for summer, white color, it will dissipate the heat of the sun. The black color absorbs heat. So it’s not suitable for summer in my bars. These monochromatic dresses are a combination of black and white.

Usually ‘Checked’ clothes are more suited to summer. To top it off, black and white checked outfits are in vogue this summer. Women like this more and more.


This word means different colored lines, long and short lines. These dresses were also full of stripes. Many people in our country are now getting sick. This type of straight line wear makes them look somewhat perfect, which has increased the urge for ‘stripes’.

These style models are now available in Cotton as well. Dwarfs can also opt for ‘straight line’ dresses for summer. Those who are skinny can choose cross-striped dresses and women with a slim fit can choose dresses with up-and-down stripes for summer.

Color Break

Wear white and light colored clothing as much as possible in summer. There is a general perception that ‘this color is the right color for you’. Otherwise, this ‘Color Break’ fashion is based on the idea that even the opposite color can be worn.

What is special about this is that this type of clothing will look elegant even for those who do not have a structured body language. The upper part of the body of women with apple type body is plump and the lower part is thin. When they choose summer clothes for themselves, they should make sure that the upper part of the dress is dark and the lower part is light.


Some people get itchy skin due to wearing clothes like Synthetic and Polyester. But Cotton is not like that. Cotton does not cause skin itching or skin diseases. Cotton is the perfect dress for all body types. That is why all the clothes used for newborns and the clothes used for wiping the body are in cotton. Try to wear cotton clothes as much as you can.

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