What Should A Husband and Wife do to Live Happily Ever After?


The habits of both men and women have undergone a major change in their family relationships during this period. Women are able to continue to live in this period only because they both love each other because they go to work during this period. Living without fighting spirit is the key factor for both of them to understand and live with each other. The most important factor for that is the importance of sexual consent.

His perfect consent is required before having sex with his life partner. Many people have an alternative opinion on this. In particular, research has shown that most husbands are not interested in finding out if their spouse is interested in the relationship.

Because talking about it is seen as anti-cultural. Moreover, this act is despised by the community. Many people think that husband and wife do not need consent. This is to be considered a very wrong one. Simply put, sexual consent is a voluntary agreement between two people. Sharing lust with the consent of both parties is the foundation of a long-term relationship.

Love is first step

Many agree with the notion that gradual consent is required for this lust. It didn’t go easy. Many people talked about this in public and brought this understanding. In particular, mutual respect and love are fundamental to any healthy relationship between long-lived couples. This sexual consent is the basis for a long-term relationship. A couple in a healthy long-term relationship will consider sexual consent to be the most important one. Because they know that the decisions of two people play an important role in an equal relationship. This leads to the couple getting used to the luminous honesty between the couple.

Talk each other

The most important aspect of prolonging your relationship is that the two of you need to talk more. Getting used to both of them without any luminosity fading between them is the most important role for your relationship to last for a long time. Once the two understand each other they should not interfere with each other in life. In particular, one should not make all the decisions. Engaging in such activities without the permission of the spouse will shock them. They will lose their love for you. Therefore, the question of love here is more likely to be encrypted.

Not to be ignored

If your spouse refuses to approve of lust no matter who it is, husband or wife, it will convince them that you do not care about what they want. Sooner or later, it will expand into other areas of life, and before you know it, you will become a stranger. The two of you are more likely to have more hatred and problems inside.

It is important that we are safe life partner

No one wants to feel insecure while being with their life partner. We want to be with those who feel safe. Well, a relationship without consent really echoes the right way. In hindsight it turns out to be a traumatic experience.

Long-term understanding

More and more we become alienated from them when we ignore their will for the sake of being husband or wife. It does not cause you any problems. But will diminish the respect and love for you. It will be of great benefit to us not only to have sex for a long time, in particular, but also to approve of the merging of two bodies and to understand one another’s ideas and talk about it and come to mutual conclusions. When it comes to long distances, capital is what determines how far your relationship will go,

It’s not just about sex.

You need to consider your spouse’s opinion on everything, the importance you place on them in front of the community. In particular, if you stop listening to this kind of comment it will not lead to a long term relationship. Bitter incidents lead to occurrence.

The basis of love

A healthy relationship can only be based on love. If you think you can do anything with your spouse, do not try to control your control over them. Most couples love each other because they love each other.


As such it is dangerous to try to impose something that your spouse does not like through control. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Discuss with them something they refuse. Reflect on your side of the story. Conversely accept them if they are serious in their opinion.

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