Woman Can Keep Family Happy


Home is our security, our rest, our comfort, our happiness. But the one who can provide all this is the head of the house. Only a woman can make a house tidy and beautiful. In the civilized world we hear women getting bored of having time to look after the house in an environment where both men and women have to go to work and earn. Half an hour is enough to clean the house. But keeping happy is unique.

Happiness at home

The happiness of the home is its lively environment; the first step is to leave the mind with the family about any matter. We can wait for our cell phones, TV, etc. for a while when we go home after work. Ask the adults at home, husband and children how the day was. Let us describe our experiences. We can also talk about important news programs. The important thing is to talk. What we are talking about is relevant to the needs of the day.

Conflicts between mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and husband-wife arise because they are smoking in their minds without talking to each other. Minor problems that need to be solved by talking should not be allowed to grow out of violence and arrogance. We can avoid unnecessary controversy by always remembering that we are talking to our family.

Next up is excitement, cheering when you see someone who is tired. Children are tired of workload and fear of exams. The husband would have been overwhelmed by office politics and would have come home. The mother-in-law may have been physically burned by the pain. Face these with a smile. Do not forget that any problem or unpleasant situation will start to change with the love and warmth of the next person. Only a woman can provide the best friendship and companionship for her family.


Music, spiritual worship, small games, book reading and many other things can keep a woman happy at home. Especially delicious snacks, a cup of roasting coffee, a new type of tiffin that is not too familiar to the tongue, will make the house delicious if served carefully.

Well the question arises as to what to do when we are tired. Close your eyes for a while. Meditate. Realize that you have a key to keeping your home and family happy. That key will give you excitement too.

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