Do Not Use these 5 Phrases in the Office!


You may be the one who works best. You may have earned a better name in everything including discipline. But these 5 phrases you use will reduce the confidence of management in you.

Do you know what they are?
  1. It is not possible or It is difficult to do this

When asking for advice on how a new administration can implement a plan, do not say that it is not possible or that it is difficult to implement. Perhaps if the plan is truly impractical, understand the difficulties involved and adapt it to your office and think about how the plan will succeed. Management does not always like to use the word ‘can’ when starting.

  1. This is not my job

If an individual or a department gives you that job when for some reason it can’t run, say, This is not my job; I will not do this. You are offered the job because you know the job – or because management believes you can do it. Practice finishing better, without wasting opportunities at times like this.

  1. These are no better job!

When a team does something and reports it, this job is no better. Do not say that these things are not in it. Try to give them the flaws in it as suggestions. It will inspire the team and reflect your leadership qualities.

  1. Don’t start saying word NO!

Do not start the important meetings or private conversations you attend with the word no. For example, when someone asks you how to do an action, say, No, this is the way to do it, without advising that it would be better to do it this way. There will be no immediate resentment for him either. Your comments will also be accepted.

  1. Don’t say, he’s not okay or he’s lazy and doesn’t like company!

Do not criticize a person as ‘he is not right’ or ‘he is lazy’. No one has the right to criticize individual human beings. Despite being superior, he can only criticize the work of his subordinates. Likewise don’t work after criticizing that you don’t like the company. Whatever makes you work better, it will create the mindset that he is working involuntarily.

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