Reasons for Women Seeking Divorce.


There are many reasons why a woman decides to divorce her husband. Deciding to divorce is not easy for any spouse.Harassment of a partner mentally and physically, harming their reputation in public, etc. are considered acts of cruelty. Likewise, no one has the right to insult their partner’s character in public. It has become a common practice in most cases of domestic violence that the intention is to take revenge on the wife instead of protecting her rights.

There are many reasons why a woman decides to divorce her husband. Deciding to divorce is not easy for any spouse. But there are many difficult circumstances in the background for them to take that decision.


Why do women decide to divorce?

Especially no matter how close a relationship is, cheating will undoubtedly destroy that relationship. Extramarital affairs are a leading cause of divorce. If men are having affairs with other women even after marriage, women end up getting divorced when it comes to light. Women who don’t want others to come into their lives take this decision.


Below reason apply for divorce
  • Physical and mental abuse.
  • An abusive relationship beyond marriage.
  • Separation without reasonable cause. That is, if the husband or wife is separated and does not get together for two years, they can file for divorce on this ground.
  • If at the time of marriage, one of the husband or wife abandons his/her own religion and adopts another religion, the other may seek divorce.
  • Divorce can be applied for if one of the spouses has mental disorder or mental illness. The law accepts this as sufficient reason.
  • (An amendment bill to repeal this is pending in the Upper House of Parliament.)
  • Divorce can be obtained if one of the spouses has an incurable sexually transmitted disease like AIDS.
  • Renunciation of worldly life and renunciation.
  • Divorce on the presumption that the husband or wife may be dead, if they have not heard of the whereabouts or even of the wife for seven years.
  • Absence of cohabitation for more than one year after judgment on petition for temporary court separation or cohabitation is an acceptable ground for divorce.
  • According to the Indian law, if a person is sentenced to rigorous imprisonment up to seven years for any criminal offence, divorce can be obtained accordingly.
  • If impotent, If there is no sexual intercourse in the marital relationship, you can seek divorce for it.
  • If the married husband commits the crime of homosexuality, bestiality, the wife is given the right to divorce on that ground.

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