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Some Foods Can Delay Women’s Menstruation? Is that true!


Although women’s menstruation is a natural part of their menstrual cycle, doctors say that taking certain foods may delay their menstrual cycle. A lot of people are skeptical that menstruation has anything to do with the food we eat.

The dietician clarifies a few things about it in order to explain it.

There is no scientific evidence that diet is related to menstruation. So we need to see the explanation of whether food delays one’s period. Some people may have these problems. A few foods may delay their menstruation. But not everyone is like that. Because the foods we eat vary from person to person.

Do not take period pills

Some people have to take pills to get menstrual bleeding after menopause. Definitely taking pills like this regularly can cause you hormonal imbalance problems.

In the same way, if you eat something, you will not have menstrual problems. Problems can arise when you take that food for a long time. Consumption of natural refrigerated foods such as cucumber or watermelon within a certain period of time can cause delayed menstruation. Similarly women should bring healthy foods on a daily basis.

Is it safe to delay?

Some women seek to postpone their menstrual period if they have to go out or attend any event. For this they take pills. Taking pills to delay menstruation can cause problems such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, headache and vomiting.


Unaware of this, women take these pills very casually. So avoid taking pills often and only take pills that delay menstruation in essential and urgent times. It is a good idea to consult your doctor before taking those pills as well. So understand that taking foods will not make any difference during your menstrual period. Science says that diet does not change menstruation.

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